The traditional hot-pot eatery gets a 21st-century twist at the Taiwanese restaurant Boiling Point. The expanding chain has thrown out the massive, family-style pots in favor of miniature, personal pots. Each customer has his pick of 10 broth flavors with complementary ingredients. But no matter which one you end up selecting, each broth is equally packed with intensity, creating a complexity that reveals itself with each bite. The basic house special soup has a serious, substantial broth that reeks of stinky tofu. Toppings are traditional: pork blood cubes, quail eggs, clams, enoki mushrooms, fish cakes, stinky tofu. Spice lovers can voice a preference — and if it all gets too intense, just order a large cup of sweet black tea to wash it down. Or better yet, come during lunch hour, when the tea is complimentary. 153 W. Garvey Ave, Monterey Park. (626) 288-9876,

—Clarissa Wei

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