There are all sorts of places to outfit your kitchen. There are the epicurean temples, selling every conceivable gadget and device you most likely don't need; there are broader home-supply shops like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond; and then there are professional-catering supply stores. Most neighborhoods in Los Angeles have one of the latter within spitting distance, but our favorite is Bargain Fair. It's worth a trip no matter where you live. A family-owned business for more than 30 years, the small, jam-packed shop has all the (white) plates, glasses, forks and assorted spatulas and spoons a person could need. Everything is durable, good-looking, well-priced and sold at a discount if you buy by the box or case. A few name-brand pans and electronics are thrown in the mix as well. What they aren't selling is attitude. Free parking is available in the well-marked lot one storefront to the north. 7901 Beverly Blvd., Fairfax District. (323) 655-2227,

—Rachael Narins

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