You only think you want to drink in Beverly Hills. Other than a few stylish exceptions, we've all too often found the place crawling with old people, nouveau riche tourists and women only too happy to show off the work they've had done. So it's a rare treat to stumble onto a place like Chaya Beverly Hills, located just off a ritzy stretch of Robertson but otherwise gloriously unpretentious. Don't get us wrong, this is Beverly Hills, all right — the ambience is heavenly, with just the right, mellow conversational buzz, attentive service and lighting soft enough to make a Real Housewife look young again. But all night long, every night, the drinks are just $7 and the food menu is surprisingly affordable, with sushi rolls ranging from $6 to $8 and a host of generously sized bar “bites” from $5 to $12. (We recommend the avocado, lime and cilantro hummus — yum.) The staff doesn't condescend, even if they know you're just visiting; they're as spot-on as the place itself. 8741 Alden Drive, Beverly Hills. (310) 859-8833, —Sarah Fenske

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