Despite an abundance of bare wrists now, people still wear watches — and treasure them. They don't become obsolete, can take a bash or two, and their batteries run out far less frequently than in the past. But where do you go when the hands stop moving? Almost impossible to find — even regulars walk past it — Majestic Jewelry is up a set of stairs through an anonymous brown door at the Farmers Market, right near the Gilmore Gas station and the newspaper stand. Inside it's a horologist paradise; trays of ticking sparkly things (they repair jewelry, too), carousels of watch straps, tables festooned with tools, parts and knick-knacks, and friendly Oncho Berberian with his eye glass and cheap, seemingly random prices. He and wife Virginia often can be heard bantering as you come up the stairs, and their movie star/customer autographed photos and “amusing” cartoons about marriage complete the old-school experience.

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