So many of us live in limbo between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The former because it's too rich for our blood (see: “Whole Paycheck”), the latter because the place seems a little too suited to college students. So what's an Angeleno to do for good-quality food at only a “partial-paycheck” price? Find the nearest Sprouts and grab a shopping cart. Sprouts has the best of everything: organic produce; bulk bins for stocking up on staples; a sizable wine and craft beer selection; aisles full of vitamins and earth-friendly products. It also has a killer meat counter that offers the most reasonably priced grass-fed, organic steaks around. But for the times when the microwave is the only tool in the kitchen calling your name, Sprouts also has cases full of premade, ready-to-heat meals that satisfy your need for home cooking in a pinch. Or a friendly deli staffer will make you a custom sandwich that's piled high for just $3.99. That's even cheaper than certain foot-longs we know. What more could anyone ask of their local grocer? Various locations. —Ali Trachta

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