Menudo isn't the only Mexican hangover remedy. The next time you have a cruda, head for Aro Latin in South Pasadena and ask for salmon-belly soup. It's a surefire cure from Apatzingán, Michoacán, hometown of Grecia Gomez and Teresa Tinoco, the Aro chefs who worked out the recipe. In Apatzingán, fiestas last a couple of days, culminating with the spicy stew known as birria. The next day, cruda sufferers turn from meat to fish soup. Aro's caldo de pescado (if it's not on the menu, ask) is made with salmon instead of the tilapia that would be used in Michoacán. The salmon is marinated with vinegar and lime juice — that's Tinoco's job. Then it goes into a broth that Gomez makes with Brussels sprouts, tomato, grilled onion, garlic, Mexican oregano, cilantro and, to wake you up, jalapeño. How could you not feel good the morning after when your cure is presented with a big chunk of avocado on top and a pretty flower?

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