I was at a house party in Los Feliz a couple of years ago, and looking around the living room one could tell the hostess (an up-and-coming art-world photographer whose day job included — true story — procuring “the rose” for TV’s The Bachelor) was a lady of impeccable, stylish-on-a-budget taste. So of course my first question to her was, “Where should I get my hair cut?” Without missing a beat she answered, “Michelle Mann.” Michelle at the time was working at Refuge on Hyperion, but last year she opened her own place, Rock Paper Salon, in Echo Park. At RPS, you get the full experience that has made the young stylist an Eastside word-of-mouth success: great, modern hair advice, refreshments, friendly conversation and the solemn promise to never “make you metro unless you really, really want to.” Prices are on the high side if you’re accustomed to the chain barbershop equivalent of the Ace Hotel, but ask your girlfriend how much she pays to look that great, and customized, knowledgeable male grooming will seem like a bargain. 1515 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park. (213) 250-0900. rockpapersalon.com. —Gustavo Turner

LA Weekly