The guitar's the thing at Truetone Music, which specializes in loud, classic electric guitars. (It has acoustic ones, too, but the emphasis is on the power of unbridled electricity.) One entire long room, annexed from an adjoining storefront, is called Club Fender, and with its spinning, glass display case and rows of colorful axes, it looks like a Fender-guitar museum — except you can play the artwork. Another room is loaded with Gibson and Gretsch masterpieces, and the place is literally stacked with vintage tube amps and exotic pedals. Even with the store's expansions, owners Ken Daniels and Paul Flynn, an esteemed repair wizard, maintain the personal vibe of their old haunt, Ace Music. The “knowledgeable, friendly, occasionally surly” staff features credible local-scene vets like power-pop guru David Jenkins, El Vez guitarist Mark Pritchard and Love ax-slingers Rusty Squeezebox and Mike Randle. Celebrity customers have included B.B. King, Johnny Marr, Prince, Kaki King, Elliott Smith and Monica Lewinsky, but the real stars here are the guitars. 714 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 90401. (310) 393-8232, —Falling James

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