So-called “conscious shoppers” — those who consider the impact of how their food is raised and processed — often are faced with multiple stops on grocery day. Depending upon where you live, you might have to swing by McCall's for meat, the local farmers market for vegetables, Gelson's for foreign foods and maybe Whole Foods for cheese. Pretty soon you've killed your whole day. Fresco Community Market in Highland Park, however, is a one-stop shop for all of your ethical-food needs. It boasts a large, organic-friendly produce department, knowledgeable butchers who can prepare your meat to order, and all sorts of exotic and fair-trade goods you won't easily find anywhere else. Even better, shopping doesn't feel like a chore. On weekends you'll be seduced by an open-fire BBQ in front of the building, for example, and the market even boasts an in-house bakery and coffee shop with Wi-Fi. 5914 Monterey Road, Highland Park. (323) 274-1040,

—Diamond Bodine-Fischer

LA Weekly