Fie on foil-wrapped highlights. Why not just blowtorch your head? It’s a high price to pay for sun-kissed locks that eventually end up making you look like a scarecrow. Well, fry no more. Richard Saulino, working at Fred Segal Santa Monica, is the first — and currently only — stylist on the West Coast to do a new, eco-friendly highlighting process called Biolights. Instead of foil, 100 percent biodegradable cotton strips are used, which absorb the oxidation. Translation: The chemical reaction gets absorbed by the cotton rather than doing a burnt-orange number on your hair. The result is no breakage and fewer fly-aways. Plus, the pliable strips conform easily to strands from root to tip, so highlights follow your hair’s natural curvature rather than looking like stick-straight streaks. Save the foil for wrapping leftovers. 420 Broadway, Santa Monica. (310) 907-4022. —Heidi Dvorak

LA Weekly