Too much trouble (and currency anxiety) to fly to Greece for a bit of island sun and a generous helping of its world-famous yogurt? Instead, spend your dollars at Go Greek in Beverly Hills. Here, you'll experience the creamy delight whose taste not only elicits images of a Santorini breakfast overlooking the Crete Sea but also offers a handful of health benefits, including providing 20 percent of your daily recommended calcium intake and the probiotics that encourage your gut's good bacteria. Go Greek's yogurt — flown in every two weeks from Greece to the States — is made of triple-strained cow's milk. “Most of the sugar is removed, and our yogurt has half the sodium” of store-bought brands, according to Rita Davis, director of operations. Dress up your plain, tart or sweet option (including frozen) with toppings that include quince, sour cherry, carrot, three types of Greek honey, Greek olive oil or even rose, which is sourced from a Peloponnesian monastery that grows a particularly aromatic variety. You can take home a 24-ounce yogurt family pack for $16, and Go Greek just launched a new line of six Greek olive oils: basil-, truffle-, rose-, chocolate-, vanilla- or rose-infused. (Shops are coming soon to Woodland Hills, Newport Beach and Corona del Mar.)

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