Revival Furniture takes cast-off furniture and transforms it into creatively reimagined pieces that redefine modernity and sustainability. The store is located steps from L.A.’s thrift-store mecca, St. Vincent de Paul’s, but contrary to urban legend, the sisters who own Revival Furniture don’t simply stroll across the street for raw material. “That’s cheating,” says Marion Weimer, who works with her sister Leslie to purchase and restore old furniture. Signs inside Revival refute the assumption that the sisters get their goods at St. Vincent’s. Instead, the two say they rely on local flea markets and private vendors for their furniture projects. The Weimars, originally from Maryland, have been in Los Angeles for 23 years, and since they were both art majors in college, they approach their projects as works of art, rather than as simple pieces for restoration. After completion, a large piece of furniture sells for $175 to $200, but at Revival, the sisters also sell inexpensive jewelry, old postcards, ashtrays and other knickknacks, all which sell out every week. So what kind of items does Revival take in? According to Marion, it’s “anything that we think is beautiful, practical, and has a sense of humor.” 181 N. Avenue 21, Lincoln Heights. (323) 222-6069. —Tanja M. Laden

LA Weekly