Nestled on a quiet strip of Spring Street in DTLA, The Springs is, hands down, L.A.'s coolest full-service spiritual hub. Its offerings are vast and high-vibing, including a raw vegan restaurant with wine bar and beer on tap, which is a little confusing given that most folks who won't ingest food heated above 118 degrees, let alone food with a face, generally eschew alcohol as well. But no matter; there are exceptions to every stereotype. What else? Oh, a full-fledged wellness center, offering massage, acupuncture, colonic, cranio-sacral and infrared sauna treatments. A rocking yoga program. Not one but two boutiques. Live music five — count 'em — five days a week. High ceilings, killer lighting and cozy furniture upon which to hang as you integrate your morning asana practice over chia pudding after helping yourself to a Five Thieves facial mist spritz from the apothecary nook while wondering if there's any way you can successfully rationalize buying that $400 caftan that's screaming your name.

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