French macarons (please God, not macaroons) are glorious confections, little sandwiches of buttercream or ganache filling pressed between two meringue disks. When well-made, macarons are delicate combinations of crunch and cream. What also distinguishes them, and makes them the hands-down favorite amongst sixth-grade girls, is the vast array of colors and flavors that pastry chefs can give to them. At Little Next Door, Belgian-born chef T. Nicolas Peter's cozy Gallic bistro near the Grove, the macarons come stacked in pretty geometry in plates above the dessert case, in happy proximity to the giant copper espresso machine. These are fantastic little cookies, delicately constructed, in creative and interesting flavors — pistachio and Amarena cherry; raspberry and balsamic vinegar; orange blossom and praline — not too garish in color, perfectly built and balanced. Order an espresso and a few of them, then take a bag home for later. They won't make it out of the car. 8142 W. Third St., Beverly Grove. (323) 951-1010, —Amy Scattergood

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