Just down the block from Fix Café, past the elementary school, hidden behind a wild and sometimes grassy knoll (drought depending), is a super secret and extra bitchin' slew of stairs that doubles as a shortcut to the backside of Elysian Park, as well as a highly effective ass workout. Known as the Baxter Stairs, the 231 steps cut a zigzag pattern up the hillside and ­— when summited with consistency and just the right playlist — do wonders for the thighs, booty and spirit. From the top, you can follow the road to the left and then cut through the brush to skitter your way down to the trail, which you'll probably want to follow to the meadow that doubles as an Eastside dog park. There you can stretch and cool down and, if you're feeling really ambitious, get in some crunches, while gloating because you're in L.A., and you're working out for free.

LA Weekly