There are few Southland pleasures greater than enjoying a sunny, breezy morning strolling the vendor stalls of a well-stocked flea market, in search of artisan finds and scoring excellent bargains. You can walk plenty of popular ones, from the Rose Bowl to Fairfax High, which feature an array of nifty goods — and an admission fare. It's getting harder to find a swap meet experience that doesn't charge you to walk through the gates, which is what makes Pasadena City College's shindig the first Sunday of every month all the more special. It's still absolutely free to get in, easily accessible via public transport (the Gold Line station at Allen Street is about 10 blocks away), and features tons of superb deals on everything, from high-end antiques to rummage-sale curios, with most sellers more than willing to bargain. Stop by the fourth floor of the parking structure at Bonnie Avenue for one of the biggest and best vinyl sales in the land, featuring more than 70 vendors. 1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. (626) 585-7906, First Sunday of every month.

—Nicole Campos

LA Weekly