Cheerfully stylish, determinedly Californian in both ingredients and outlook, Lemonade has been taking the state by storm. From the original West Hollywood outpost, chef Alan Jackson has grown his empire to 17 outlets — with the chain's first international locations recently opening in Dubai. It's easy to see the appeal: The cafeteria-style setup means that you get your food even more quickly than at a place such as Panera, and the wonderful variety means that you could spend a month here and still not eat your way through all the possible combinations of seasonal salads, sandwiches and braised meats. (We're partial to the snow pea “spaghetti,” shaved and served with cotija, corn and creamy lemon, but the Moroccan chicken isn't bad either.) Beyond that, Lemonade's look is just so gosh-darn adorable, with cement block wells featuring acres of bright green blades of grass, clever lighting and yellow plastic chairs and booths. You can't help but feel a little happier just walking in the door. Or maybe you're just looking ahead to the moment you gobble down one of those to-die-for lemon bars.

9001 Beverly Blvd., W. Hlywd., plus 14 other L.A. locations including LAX. (310) 247-2500,

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