Cannabis is one of nature's most powerful healing plants. Ancient cultures used it for everything from hemorrhoids to hair loss. Our 21st-century medical paradigm is particularly fond of its capacity to treat pain and inflammation, which is what makes Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Face Serum such a phenomenal product. My neighbor rubs it on her arthritis-mangled hands daily and calls the serum “a real-deal miracle.” Another friend applied some to a steam burn and marveled at how quickly her finger healed. Me? I smear it on my face. Made with the highest quality cannabis oil, as well as tamanu, copaiba and emu oils, this rich, silky serum does a complexion good, and by “good” I mean, makes it smooth and radiant and awesome. William Mackenzie is the visionary alchemist behind the face weed, which is sold through local dispensaries. He makes it himself, right here in Los Angeles, which makes it all the easier to stock your medicine cabinet with the stuff.

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