When it comes to eye-popping sex appeal, nothing makes a bigger difference than lush lashes. But mascara can only do so much and fakes aren't exactly fun — you have to glue them just right or the symmetry of your face is compromised, and they can fall off while you're out sweating on the dance floor. Plus they look overdone in the light of day. There's only one way to attain a bodacious yet natural-looking blink 24/7: extensions. GBY Beauty offers a fun and chill alternative to pricey salons and risky rooms in the back of the local nail place. GBY roams about various WAX studios in Silver Lake, Hollywood and Santa Monica, and it's worth following, especially for owner Courtney Booette Casgraux, whose lash game has been honed over the past eight years; her staff all have three or more years experience. Casgraux's touch is gentle yet precise, and she knows exactly what's right for every lady's individual lid. Yes, glue is involved, but she uses a special formula made especially for GBY, and the process is painless and easy. Unlike other extension glues, you can even use eye makeup remover, which is kinda essential for her cosmetics-obsessed clientele. Brand ambassadors include music stars like Brooke Candy. Whether you crave a mod Twiggy look or something more low-key, GBY will make you “ditch the strip” (its slogan) and get your lookers a lot of love.

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