Oscar and Jen Carpinteyro weren't alive when the vintage 1970s and '80s turntables, receivers and speakers they sell at Rewind Audio filled the cinder-block shelves in bedrooms of teenagers crazy for Devo and the Specials. This is not the insanely priced stuff sought by audiophiles but great, quotidian, mainstream electronics, such as the classic Technics 1200, weighing in at 25 pounds, and the sleek Marantz receiver with its famed, velvety-feeling tuning wheel. One higher-end Technics 1200, popular now with DJs, is priced $495 at Rewind, while a JVC/JL-F30 turntable is $170. Oscar got started on eBay, but when he saw that the tiny store on Alvarado where Jen bought her 2001 wedding dress suddenly was up for lease, the couple jumped at it. Their pristine little Echo Park shop attracts a steady stream of people in their 20s seeking a retro look and electronic equipment that's fun to touch, as well as a 40s-and-up clientele who miss the richer sounds often lost to digital. 1041 N. Alvarado St., Echo Park. (213) 273-8904, rewindaudio.com.

—N. Jenssen

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