Show Pony, the fashion and art installation space, has been around nearly as long as S&S, and its laid-back artsy vibe is akin to rummaging through an eccentric pal's closet (and her acid-trip art explorations). Owner-artist Kime Buzelli not only has great taste, but she also has great energy, which makes shopping here a treat. The Pony knows how to party, too. Along with Han Cholo, purveyor of pop-cultcha-inspired gilded baubles (sassy Star Wars–themed rings and pendants, among other blingy things), and the stores that surround them, Show Pony is part of a long-running art block party that unveils works by local artists every first Saturday of the month. It's hard to leave either shop without snatching up unique adornments for both bod and boîte, especially after all that free booze.

—Lina Lecaro

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