Pussy & Pooch, a chic dog (and, yes, cat) boutique in downtown's Arts District, is the ultimate place to spoil your dog's appetite. The entrepreneurs behind this dog oasis created the “Pawbar,” which looks like an ordinary bar, except for the holes cut out in the floor, and the squares of AstroTurf that line the place. The result is a dog-friendly restaurant, where pets are served raw-meat burgers or low-fat chicken soup with rice, both drizzled with “Hound Sauce.” More health-conscious canines can select bowls of organic veggies, raw-meat nuggets or a stew that is a mixture of flavored wet food heated in a Crock-Pot. All meals are served in classy ceramic dishes with a sprig of parsley on the side. Of course, there are meaty bones for chewing. For dessert, pets are treated to “Yoghund,” organic banana and peanut butter frozen yogurt. And since no dog should dine alone, Pussy & Pooch has an outdoor patio where owners can order their own meals from nearby restaurants and eat at the tables with their pets. Pussy & Pooch caters a variety of food-themed dog events, including ice cream socials and Halloween parties. After your meal, go all-out at Pussy & Pooch's bathhouse (the boutique sells supplies and provides washing stations) and treat your dog to a blueberry facial, a bath with wheatgrass shampoo and a spritz of his-and-hers “Sexy Beast” cologne. Seriously, dogs like to smell like rose and piña colada.

—Gina Pollack

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