Does Sparky really want to go for a walk and exercise? Or has he been dreaming of trying on a ballerina costume? Treat drama-queen dogs to a fashion adventure at Woof in Atwater Village, where their wildest costume dreams will be fulfilled. Whether it's a pirate hat, pink wig or sailor outfit, Sparky will certainly be the belle of the ball at his next soiree. If costumes aren't in season, Woof also carries more essential canine clothing items that fashionable dogs should not be forced to live without: studded jean jackets, imitation Ugg boots and pink “I have two daddies” T-shirts. Don't forget to paint the dog's nails and accessorize with doggy hair clips. Need to celebrate a special occasion with the dog? Purchase bridesmaid outfits, tuxes, a Christmas ensemble and, for those mornings at synagogue, a yarmulke for your pet. Woof even hosts obedience-school graduations with custom-fitted caps and gowns, and dog birthdays with pooch-friendly ice cream, “Happy Tail” beef-flavored beer and “Barkundy” wine. Dogs are encouraged to let go of weight self-consciousness; Woof creates clothes for all sizes, ranging from petite Chihuahuas to plus-size Great Danes.

“Having a boutique is an art form,” says owner Diane Serafino, who takes pride in delivering products to the “underprivileged” dogs of the Eastside. If a doggy Hawaiian shirt isn't art, what is? (For more designer dogwear, try Fifi & Romeo in Beverly Hills.)

—Gina Pollack

LA Weekly