It's hard being a working parent when you have to leave the dog alone all by herself for the day (before she's old enough for kindergarten, of course). For those dog owners who don't want to hire a nanny, Wagville offers a daycare and boarding package comparable to summer camp. Small and large dogs are separated into 14,000 square feet of cage-free play areas, complete with fans to keep them cool and kiddie pools if they want a quick swim. Wagville also has a lounge, where more sensitive dogs can cuddle in a human-sized bed and watch their favorite heroic-dog movies (think Snowdogs and Scooby-Doo). For an extra charge, pets can even sleep in the same room as a person. Staff take pets on field trips to Runyon Canyon and Huntington Beach; less outdoorsy dogs can treat themselves to something more luxurious, with options ranging from oatmeal baths, grooming and hot-oil skin treatments to massages that include soothing music and aromatherapy. Even with that much pampering, some more concerned owners may still worry about their pets, which is why Wagville has installed Webcams throughout the facility, allowing parents to watch their canine companions from home or work. A hidden gem among the warehouses of Glassell Park, Wagville offers more extensive hours than most daycare centers, staying open until 9 p.m. for those who have to work late. So leave the kids with the nanny and spend lavish sums of money on camp for the dog instead — maybe they'll appreciate it more.

—Gina Pollack

LA Weekly