Dog “life coach” Tamar Geller's kennel, the Loved Dog, isn't so much doggie daycare as an awesome house party that your dog wishes he could go to every day. Here, Geller separates dogs based on temperament — mellow dogs upstairs in the 1,800-square-foot “lounge,” hyper dogs downstairs in the 2,600-square-foot “play park.” Within each area, dogs sort themselves out based on a pack hierarchy, though handlers will intervene if anyone steps out of line. Geller does not believe in pain or punishment but rather in happy, loving positive reinforcement. A cage-free kennel was a revolutionary idea when Geller first came up with it, back in 1996. A former intelligence officer with Israel's elite Special Forces, she fought long and hard to get the city to approve the concept. Similar facilities now are everywhere, but the original is still the best. —Gendy Alimurung

2100 Pontius Ave., West L.A., 90025. (310) 914-3033,

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