The catharsis of the mosh pit is given form — albeit a soft, doughy one — within the punk-fueled deep fryers of Donut Friend, Highland Park's DIY/vegan/straight-edge answer to sugary desserts. Founded in 2014 by Drive Like Jehu drummer Mark Trombino (who also produced such tasty classics as Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American and Blink-182's Dude Ranch), Donut Friend and its panoply of 100 percent animal product–free, post-hardcore treats have withstood the shifting tides of culture, retaining a devoted underground fan base as gimmicky mainstream trends (the spaghetti doughnut?) come and go. You don't have to be a music lover to enjoy these doughnuts, but it helps. The “Jets to Basil,” stuffed with goat cheese, strawberry jam and fresh basil, takes on new depth if consumed to Jets to Brazil's third record. The “GG Almond,” with its Gruyère-honey filling and topping of toasted almonds, is as transgressive as its degenerate namesake, GG Allin. Punny names aside, Donut Friend stands out thanks to its punk-rock ethos, best expressed through its DIY, build-your-own-doughnut menu. Raspberry habanero, olive oil and maple pumpkin butter on vanilla cake? Sure, why not? At Donut Friend, it's OK to be weird.

LA Weekly