dosa just might be the coolest brand you've never heard of. The clothing company has been around for 30 years, hiding out for much of that time in a gorgeous building downtown. Three open levels house a showroom, an office space and a sewing/production area. In an age when most of our clothing is made on another continent, it's inspiring to buy clothes in the showroom and then visit the women who made them — many of whom are wearing dosa themselves. Designer Christina Kim produces pieces that are simple yet ornate — think cotton and silk pajama pants paired with flowing dresses and embroidered tunics. Despite celebrity clientele including Alice Waters (who collaborated with Kim on her own collection) and pop-ups at fine-arts institutions like the Santa Monica Museum of Art, dosa's high price point and lack of advertising keep it under the radar — which is where it likes to be (the brand is so exclusive, Kim declined to be interviewed by L.A. Weekly). Access to the downtown showroom is by appointment only, but big sales several times a year are typically announced on Facebook — once you're in, get on the mailing list to be invited to future sales. Just don't tell anyone we told you. —Sascha Bos

850 S. Broadway, 7th floor, dwntwn., 90014. (213) 627-3672,

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