Best Delta-8 Flower 

Delta-8 Flower

Delta-8 flower is a smokable bud from the hemp plant. Like the marijuana plant, hemp plants contain THC but only .3%, which is less than marijuana plants. That said, hemp growers have found clever ways to extract THC from hemp plants to create a new, potent type of THC known as delta-8. Using delta-8 flower produces effects that are similar to THC but without the intense side effects. 

Delta-8 flower is a recent innovation but it’s taken the market by storm. There are dozens of companies that manufacture and sell delta-8 flowers but it’s important to work with companies that you trust. Therefore, we’re going to take you through the best 3 delta-8 flower companies to make sure you get the most premium product.

Read on to learn about the 3 best delta-8 flower brands.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Delta-8 Flower

Before getting into the products you must know what you’re shopping for. Delta-8 flower varies based on the brand that makes it and the strain that’s used, so we’re going to take you through some factors to consider when shopping for a delta-8 flower.


First and foremost, you want to consider the strain of the delta-8 flower that you’re looking at. Understanding the strain is crucial because it helps you determine how the delta-8 flower will make you feel. While there are dozens of unique strains, most strains are derived from Indica, Sativa, or hybrid plants. 


Sativa strains are known for boosting energy and creativity, Indica strains are a more mellow strain that’s meant for relaxing, and hybrid strains blend both of these. We’ll have more on each strain below.


The next thing you want to consider is potency. Some products are stronger than others, which can cause undesired effects if you’re not expecting it. Therefore, we always recommend checking how strong a strain is based on reviews and the company’s description. That said, if you smoke or ingest less than a gram of delta-8 flower you shouldn’t have any issues.


There are a few types of delta-8 flower products that companies carry. These are pre-rolled delta-8 joints or blunts and the flower itself (known as bud). Pre-rolled products are the most convenient because they come ready to smoke. All you need is a lighter and you’re ready to go. The drawback is that you typically get less delta-8 for your money. 

On the other hand, there are delta-8 flower options you can choose from. These options just come with the bud and the drawback is that you’ll need a bowl or pipe to smoke it, which can cost extra. That said, both options are good choices.

Now that you know what to look for in delta-8 flower, it’s time to get into the best brands.

Best Delta-8 Flower Brands 

  1. Best Overall: Diamond CBD
  2. Runner Up: Exhale Wellness 
  3. Also Great: Hollyweed 

Diamond CBD 

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Why We Like It: We love Diamond CBD because the company offers tons of options for delta-8 flowers. You can get pre-rolled products, different strains, and tons of CBD-infused blends.

Quick Facts:

  • Strain: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid
  • Potency: Strong 
  • Types: Bud, pre-rolled 

Diamond CBD is a brand that’s been around for a long time. The company has been working hard to create a delta-8 flower that gets users high, happy, and even hungry. Diamond CBD carries dozens of strains and flavors to suit the needs of any shopper, which helps the company thrive compared to newer competitors. This is what helps Diamond CBD maintain its status as the best delta-8 flower brand in the industry.

Diamond CBD is also a company that focuses on customer satisfaction. There is 24-hour support via the website’s chatbot and the bot can direct you to any delta-8 products you need. Diamond CBD is also transparent about the ingredients they use in each product and have no problem using hemp that’s grown in the United States. Diamond CBD also has all of its delta-8 flowers tested by third parties to ensure their quality.

What Sets It Apart 

Diamond CBD is unique because it offers a ton of options for delta-8 flowers. There are dozens of strains, potency options, and even different types of delta-8 flowers. For example, the company has pre-rolled joints, pre-rolled blunts, and premium flowers that come in sealed containers. With these options, it’s hard to find a store that has more delta-8 flowers than Diamond CBD. This is also beneficial because it makes the brand better suited for people who haven’t used delta-8 products before.

Things to Consider 

Diamond CBD is a great company and our favorite choice for delta-8 flowers. That said, it’s not perfect. The biggest problem with Diamond CBD is that some brands have more delta-8 flowers in stock. This is because Diamond CBD frequently runs sales and sells out of its most popular products. While it’s a flaw of the company, it also shows how much people like and support the brand.

Who It’s For 

Diamond CBD is for anyone. The company excels at producing delta-8 flower that’s safe for everyone, even beginners. There are also more potent strains that get the job done for more experienced delta-9 users. For anyone that wants to try legal THC, Diamond CBD is often the best choice.


  • 24-hour chatbot support
  • All hemp is grown in the United States
  • Third-party tested 
  • Great deals and sales 


  • Some of the most popular products run out of stock sometimes 

Exhale Wellness

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Why We Like It: We’re big fans of Exhale Wellness because the company has one of the best reputations. While it’s not as well-known as Diamond CBD, it’s the clear runner-up in terms of quality, potency, and delta-flower options.

Quick Facts:

  • Strain: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid 
  • Potency: Strong 
  • Type: Pre-rolled, bud  

Exhale Wellness is a company that’s based out of California, so it’s been operating legally for many years. In California, the brand has become one of the leaders in hemp production, CBD sales, delta-8 sales. The company is composed of researchers, growers, and delta-8 enthusiasts who love the products. This is what makes Exhale Wellness one of the best companies to work with; it feels like they care about each customer’s order and feelings about the product.

When it comes to bud, Exhale Wellness is great. The company has tons of options and uses Sativa, Indica, and even hybrid strains to craft unique experiences for delta-8 smokers. You can also choose from packages of bud, priced by the gram, or choose pre-rolled options like joints and blunts. These choices help the company stand out from the rest.

What Sets It Apart 

Exhale Wellness is unique because of its reputation. Many people swear by Exhale Wellness and this can be found within the countless reviews done of the company. Exhale Wellness has also been featured in major news outlets and continues to garner regional and national attention. This has helped the company expand and acquire the resources to keep creating innovative delta-8 bud and other products.

Things to Consider 

Exhale Wellness is a well-rounded company but it’s far from perfect. While it has the best reputation out of most delta-8 companies, its delta-8 bud comes up short compared to competitors. While Exhale Wellness is known for having potent delta-8 oils and waxes, its bud is not as strong as buds from companies like Diamond CBD. Plus, when the bud is as potent as other brands, it’s often too much to handle for beginners and people who are new to THC. Another downside to Exhale Wellness is how expensive the delta-8 bud is. It’s more expensive than competitors by more than just a few dollars.

Who It’s For 

If you’re someone who is into the brand reputation, Exhale Wellness is your best bet. It’s hard to find anything wrong with the company and based on reviews the company has been doing right by its customers for years. The company also has 24-hour customer service and offers a refund for products within 30 days. Plus, there are often discounts for people who sign up with the company’s subscription services.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Tons of strains 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Great brand recognition 


  • More expensive than other brands 
  • Only ships to some states 


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Why We Like It: Aside from the creative name, Hollyweed is also creative with its 10 delta-8 flower strains. The choices customers have made it one of the best delta-8 brands for trying new things.

Quick Facts:

  • Strain: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid 
  • Potency: Mild, moderate, strong  
  • Type: Pre-rolled, bud 

Hollyweed is a great company that’s been operating out of California for many years. Because the company is based in California, it was able to get a headstart on CBD and THC production. This has helped Hollyweed jump ahead of competitors when it comes to strains for its delta-8 bud. The company has 10 strains to choose from and each one has unique benefits and a special euphoria to experience. There are strains for hunger, relaxing, sleeping, and even creativity.

While Hollyweed is known for its delta-8 bud strains, it’s also known for being a good company. Hollyweed is kind to shoppers and offers support whenever it’s needed. The company also uses specials and deals to make returning customers feel like they’re part of something. It’s corny but Hollyweed is like your neighborhood friend when it comes to delta-8 bud. 

What Sets It Apart 

Hollyweed is unique because the company uses the latest techniques to create its delta-8 bud strains. The company produces organic hemp and follows advanced practices that are tested each step of the way. These processes have allowed the company to create 10 strains of great delta-8 bud, which is more than most competitors. When it comes to strain choices, it’s hard to beat Hollyweed.

Things to Consider 

Hollyweed is a great company but no company is perfect. Unfortunately, Hollyweed is not the exception here. The company has a few issues that stem from its advanced new process of creating delta-8 bud. The issues? A higher production cost. Unfortunately, this cost is reflected in the pricing of its bud, which is higher than competitors. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly delta-8 flower, Diamond CBD is a great choice.

Who It’s For 

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with new strains, Hollyweed is a perfect choice. While the company has 10 strains now (which is still remarkable) that number will continue to grow as the team gets better at producing organic delta-8 hemp. Hollyweed is also one of the safest brands to shop with because it only uses organic hemp plants and vigorously tests each product.


  • 10 strains of delta-8 bud
  • Good customer service and support 
  • Excellent reputation 
  • Been around for a long time


  • Doesn’t have the best return policy 
  • More expensive than some competitors

Hemp plant growing

Everything You Need to Know About 

Taking a look at the best delta-8 brands is one of the best ways to find a good source of the delta-8 flower. That said, finding the right delta-8 flower is easier said than done. While each of the three options is a viable option, there are more things to consider before making your selection. We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about the delta-8 flower to help you narrow down your options.

Delta-9, CBD, Delta-8 Flower: What’s the Difference?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the differences between delta-9, CBD, and delta-8. While all of these flowers come from the marijuana or hemp plant, the effects that they produce are not always the same. Still, delta-8 and delta-9 THC are more similar to CBD.

Delta-9 THC

When it comes to smoking marijuana flower delta-9 THC has been the most common thing for decades. It comes in Indica or Sativa strains of the marijuana plant and gives the users psychoactive effects. These include euphoria, appetite stimulation, and drowsiness, giggles, and more. Delta-9 differs from a delta-8 flower in that it’s more potent and connects to the 9th carbon in the brain instead of the 8th (hence the names).

While delta-9 has been popular for years, it’s known for being illegal and having side effects. More states have made it legal but it’s still a federal crime to smoke, sell, or grow marijuana plants. Delta-9 THC also causes serious side effects like paranoia and anxiety when taken in high doses. While overdose is not likely, some users can “green out” which causes a block in short-term memory and can cause a lack of consciousness.

Delta-8 THC 

Delta-8 THC is a type of THC that’s derived from the hemp plant. Hemp plants have less than .3% THC, which is why they’re legal to grow according to the farm act of 2018. Hemp plant harvesters have come up with ways to extract and concentrate the THC within the hemp plants to produce delta-8. 

Delta-8 has almost the same effects as marijuana but it’s less potent and doesn’t cause as many side effects. This is because delta-8 connects to the 8th carbon in the brain instead of the 9th. Not much is known about the difference but it does cause changes. First-time users should still be careful until they build up some type of tolerance.


CBD comes from the hemp plant like delta-8. Instead of using THC as the primary ingredient, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive side effects or effects. Instead, it’s made to make users feel mellow and treat things like mental health issues, joint pain, muscle pain, and even insomnia. In fact, our favorite delta-8 flower comes from Diamond CBD, which is a company that uses a combination of delta-8 and CBD in its flowers.

Knowing the differences between the types of hemp and marijuana flowers can help you narrow down your options.

Using Delta-8 Flower 

The Delta-8 flower is a versatile product. You can use it in many ways depending on how you want to feel. Some ways are safer than others and some ways will make you feel the effects faster than others. We’ll take you through some of the common ways to use the delta-8 flower.


First and foremost, you can smoke delta-8 flowers. This is the most common way to use it because it’s one of the easiest ways to use it. You can load delta-8 flowers into a pipe, bowl, water pipe, or any other smoking device. After you inhale the smoke, the effects peak after about 20 to 30 minutes –sometimes faster.

It’s important to note that the health implications of smoking delta-8 THC are not yet known.


You can also eat delta-8 THC. This is more challenging but the flower can be turned into an oil that you can use for cooking. You can include delta-8 oil in plenty of tasty foods like brownies, cookies, and even candies. Plus, eating delta-8 flowers is one of the safest ways to consume them because it doesn’t go through your lungs.


Another way to use the delta-8 flower is to vaporize it. Unlike delta-8 carts, you’ll need a dry herb vape to vape delta-8 flower. These are useful vapes that can burn the delta-8 within the chamber to produce smoke.

Types of Delta-8 Flower 

When it comes to delta-8 flowers there are a few strains you need to be aware of. Each strain has the ability to cause a different response in the mind and body, so knowing which strain you’re using is important. The common strains are Sativa, Indica, and hybrids.


Sativa strains are commonly used to boost energy and creativity. The high produced by Sativa strains are typically a head-high, which makes users want to move around, get creative, and enjoy themselves. While there are many unique Sativa strains, most delta-8 products are Sativa-based because most hemp plants are Sativa plants. That said, the best brand for Sativa strains is Diamond CBD because of how long the company has been refining and perfecting its hemp plants.


Indica strains are different from Sativa strains in that they produce more of a mind and body high. This causes users to feel more drowsy and prefer to relax on a couch. While it brings intense euphoria, this comes at limited mobility and desire to move. When you see stoners slouched on a couch in the movies, it’s an Indica strain. While indica delta-8 strains are rare, Exhale Wellness has a few great choices.


Finally, there are hybrid strains. These strains are unique because they can produce effects found in both Sativa and Indica. These are the rarest delta-8 strains because it’s hard to create hybrid plants. There is an entire mating process that needs to happen and that doesn’t always work. The good news is that Diamond CBD has some great hybrid delta-8 flowers you can try.

Regardless of the type you choose, each delta-8 strain is a viable option that we recommend trying. In fact, you should give each strain a shot to see which one works best for you.

Delta-8 Flower Delta-8 Flower FAQ 

Is Delta-8 Flower Legal? 

Delta-8 flower is federally legal according to the Farm Act of 2018. The Farm Act of 2018 made the growing and harvesting of the hemp plant legal, which is a marijuana plant that has less than .3% THC. That said, some states have put restrictions in place to prevent the sale and use of delta-8.

What States Don’t Have Restrictions on Delta-8 Flower? 

Delta-8 is legal in most states and even the states that have restrictions allow the sale of delta-8 THC. That said, many states don’t have any restrictions as of 2021. These states include:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Wyoming
  • South Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Louisiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • West Virginia 
  • Virginia 
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Washington
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Hawaii
  • Massatchussess
  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania

This list is subject to change as more states catch up with the rapid sale of delta-8 products.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Buy Delta-8 Flower? 

Delta-8 flower is treated like most products that can cause intoxication. Therefore, the legal age to purchase delta-8 flowers in most states is 21. While there are some exceptions, 21 is the average minimum age limit to purchase delta-8 online and in the store.

Is Delta-8 Flower Addictive? 

Delta-8 Flower can be addictive if abused daily for long periods. That said, it’s not as addictive as most drugs or alcohol. Still, users should be aware of the potential risks.

Is Delta-8 Flower Safe?

While more research is being done on delta-8, it’s considered safe. This is because it shares many similarities with marijuana (delta-9), which has been studied for years. Therefore, there’s no reason to assume danger outside of what is already known.

What Are the Side Effects of Delta-8 Flower?

The side effects of delta-8 flower vary but some of the most common ones include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach cramps
  • Headaches
  • Sweating when it wears off 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Appetite stimulation 
  • Appetite suppression 

Keep in mind, delta-8 is milder than traditional THC so side effects are uncommon.

Final Thoughts 

Delta-8 flower is a great way for many people to enjoy legal THC. If it’s legal in your state (it’s legal in most states) then using delta-8 flowers can be a relaxing way to enjoy your night, day, or even weekend. That said, we always recommend using the best delta-8 flower around to prevent side effects and unwanted health problems. 

This is why we always recommend Diamond CBD for all of your delta-8 needs. Diamond CBD has been around for years and continues to improve on its delta-8 and CBD products. The company uses all-natural ingredients and has a third party test their products every step of the way. Then it comes to delta-8 flower, Diamond CBD is second to none.

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