Owner/chef Aaron Robbins makes some great BBQ at Boneyard Bistro. We grew up in the birthplace of barbecue — North Carolina — and let's just say that Boneyard makes a pulled pork sandwich we'd be proud to take back home to Uncle Wilbur. Robbins hickory smokes his meats for up to 18 hours or grills it over a Live Red Oak fire. As we would say back home “it's right good.”

Boneyard Bartender Miryam Gomez on "Roaring 20s Night"; Credit: Daniel Drennon

Boneyard Bartender Miryam Gomez on “Roaring 20s Night”; Credit: Daniel Drennon

Brisket, St. Louis spare ribs, baby back ribs and throw in some fried mac n' cheese or collard greens as your sides. Coronary-threateningly good BBQ for being in Sherman Oaks and not the South. The only thing that even comes close to being better than Aaron Robbin's BBQ is bar manager Rory Snipes' crazy good 38 taps of craft beer. Boneyard has 40 taps but we are throwing out the root beer tap unless you are dating a 12-year old and the cider tap unless you would choose cider over 38 great craft beers. Snipes has a lot of handles to play with and he mixes it up well with every beer style available, and top-of-the-line brewers on tap from Russian River Brewing to The Bruery.

And speaking of the brewery we recently called the best in the Southland, for LA Beer Week, Boneyard is hosting a twelve-course beer pairing dinner on Thursday, October 13 featuring twelve incredible Bruery beers. This is BBQ and beer worth driving to Hell for, or the Valley.

Yes, it's that time of year again, or almost. This is one of over 400 pieces that will be appearing in our upcoming Best of L.A. issue, out October 6th.

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