Roll to Attack! is the monthly show where a “rotating cast of comics play tabletop role-playing games with your Dungeon Master of Ceremonies, Blaine Capatch.” Since I have no idea what that means, let's get Mr. Capatch to explain: “The show/game is just five players onstage and me as the host/dungeonmaster. I draw maps that are projected on a giant screen where the audience can see painted figurines and exciting polyhedral dice roll as I lead the players through a magical fantasy world of elves and monsters that I made up in the shower. The players are all funny and interesting, though, and they riff and fuck around and the whole adventure just turns into a talk show/poker-game thing. It's actually much more fun than you would think watching a bunch of people playing D&D would be.” He adds: “Legally, this isn't exactly Dungeons & Dragons, it's more of a dragony-dungeony type thing. The D&D rules are slightly fudged to avoid litigation, and hey, who doesn't love fudge?” Current players: Ken Daly, Jackie Kashian, Matthew Lawton, Jon Schnepp. Ken Daly.

Second Wednesday of every month, 8 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly