Project Butterfly, birthed, nurtured and guided by local luminaries David Miller and Midori Takata, is a hub of New Paradigm community. Project Butterfly hosts lectures, classes, councils, workshops and film screenings led by visionaries, activists, artists and elders in unwavering service to transformation and our collective awakening. A short list of topics engaged includes breath work, life mastery, tantra, conscious languaging, transformational messaging, earth skills, crop circles, emerging currency, unified field theory and Max the Crystal Skull. Earlier this year, Project Butterfly hosted its first offsite retreat at the Ojai Foundation, which included sweat lodges and gender councils, as well as a presentation given by spiritual adviser Jyoti, best known for gathering the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. I wonder what they’re cooking up next? 821 Traction Ave., #108, dwntwn. project
—Dani Katz

LA Weekly