Hike down to Sturtevant’s Camp by bollowing a gurgling stream between oaks, spruce and ferns that surround cabins built between the 1890s and the 1920s. Past the camp, a trail guides visitors to Sturtevant Falls, a 50-foot narrow waterfall and swimming hole where families and pets picnic among the rocks and trees. Another nearby trail leads to Hermit Falls, a series of rock pools just deep enough to practice leaping in from different heights. Young and old, hipsters, thugs, and moms and dads invariably leave their social preconceptions in their cars and splash around, clinking beer cans and encouraging each other’s daredevil trials. After a nice stroll back to the cement road, the uphill walk back to the parking lot is brutal but rewarding. Don’t forget to purchase an adventure pass for $5. The National Forest folks show no mercy. 2201-2299 Forest Route 2N40, in the Santa Anita Forest, La Canada Flintridge. (760) 249-4626. —Daiana Feuer

LA Weekly