Earlier this year, The Kids in the Hall comedian Scott Thompson's name seemed to suddenly start appearing on live lineups throughout the city, from stand-up showcases to storytelling nights to podcast tapings. It wasn't a fluke. Thompson recently returned to L.A. after a stint in his native Canada, during which he beat cancer (thanks, socialized medicine) and decided to give stand-up comedy a go. He'd spent most of his career performing as part of an ensemble, so trying stand-up in earnest was a fresh personal challenge. At 58, Thompson works the stage harder than any youngster on the same bill — he paces back and forth, practically foaming at the mouth as he rants and raves about millennials and the way people behave in gay bathhouses. He also recently revived a beloved Kids in the Hall character for Apres le Deluge: The Buddy Cole Monologues at UCB Franklin, a program of the martini-swilling raconteur's monologues, old and new but never before performed. If you happen to notice Thompson's name on a lineup, regardless of who else is on the bill, you can be guaranteed it's worth the price of admission.


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