When at-home hair color goes wrong, it's time to schedule an emergency session with a professional. Whether it was a Pinterest-inspired ombre that claimed to be easy to do yourself (ha!) or a bleach job that turned your hair a sickly shade of orange, Andi Scarbrough at Get a Damn Haircut, located inside Santa Monica's Phenix Studios, is a redeemer of all past color tragedies. While a solid segment of Scarbrough's clients is regulars going in for touch-ups, nine out of 10 are color corrections. With a talent for bringing your natural or intended hair color back from the dead, Scarbrough administers hair CPR, slowly getting your hair to the color and the texture you wanted in the first place. 626 Broadway, Ste. 123, Santa Monica, 90401. (310) 751-4484, getadamnhaircut.com. —Bren Lee Gomez

LA Weekly