If you're the type of person who loves coffee the way you love your dog — that is, absolutely — then it only makes sense that you've yearned to have excellent coffee, packaged within a day or two off a roast, and delivered straight to your door. In which case you'll want to sign up for the coffee-subscription program from Tonx. Simply choose how much coffee you'd like to receive every other week, and the fine folks there will source the coffee, roast it and send the java to your doorstep, come rain or shine. This is actually some of the best coffee roasted here — Tonx's coffees are generally clean, flavorful and entirely unintimidating — but the company is strictly a mail-order operation, so you won't find it anywhere other than in your mailbox. Once you're hooked, you'll eagerly await the next delivery the way you looked forward to watching the next episode of Battlestar Galactica. (331) 551-TONX, tonx.org. —Tien Nguyen

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