Eagle Rock's So Cal pop rocker Best Coast has announced the album information for her debut full-length, Crazy for You. It's hard to believe that Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are just releasing their debut now. Best Coast's singles have been floating around the ol' web for a while, her vinyl has been selling like maple-bacon hotcakes, and her song “When I'm with You” was on the top of the blogs late last year. The album was recorded by Lewis Pesacov, guitarist for Fool's Gold and Foreign Born, at the Black Iris studios in Echo Park. Pesacov himself is a great musician and producer (and yes, he did study experimental composing in Germany's Black Forest, thankyouverymuch) and enjoys shopping for cassettes in Little Ethiopia. The new album, out July 27th, features material Best Coast rolled out live at SXSW, all of which was absent from her popular series of 7-inches. Now, we know you wanna include “When I'm With You,” as THE integral track on mixtapes for potential main-squeezes, but don't be alarmed. The sweet song will show up as a “Bonus Track” (whatever that means).

Just in time for a summer fling!

After the jump: Best Coast videos and full track Crazy for You listing.

Track Listing

01. Boyfriend

02. Crazy for you

03. The End

04. Goodbye

05. Summer Mood

06. Our Deal

07. I Want To

08. When The Sun Don't Shine

09. Bratty B

10. Honey

11. Happy

12. Each and Everyday

Bonus Track: “When I'm With You”

And for you, a special bonus video. Perhaps the inspiration for Best Coast's video?

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