A crucial scene in the movie Collateral features Tom Cruise taking his de facto hostage, Jamie Foxx, to a cool, laid-back jazz club, where they listen to an authentic, tastefully smooth combo before Cruise invites the band leader over to their table for conversation, and then calmly blows him away. That scene was shot at Quon Bros. Grand Star Jazz Club, which occupies the same Chinatown pedestrian plaza as Mountain Bar and Hop Louie. While cold-blooded assassinations do not actually occur at Grand Star, fine music does. The first floor features strong, seasoned jazz players while the second level is where ace hip-hop and R&B deejays work kids into a dancing frenzy. The delightfully diverse city crowd is known for its generally good vibes and the DJs, with their specific theme nights, have developed devoted followings. The decor is understated, vintage lounge, appropriate for a place that has been around since 1946. Drinks are strong and cheap. 943 N. Broadway, Chinatown. (213) 626-2285, grandstarjazzclub.com. —Adam Gropman

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