The clothes lover generally has two options: Pay through the nose, and browse a carefully curated selection of blouses and designer denim in a stress-free environment; or go cheap, and elbow your way past a million other bargain lovers in a fluorescent barn with (ugh) communal dressing rooms and rack after rack of hit-or-miss leftovers. (Yes, we're talking about you, Loehmann's.) But that dichotomy is what makes Cozzi Cozzi such a pleasant surprise. With its well-chosen selection and glossy good looks, this 13-year-old Montana Avenue boutique resembles its neighbors — right up till you get to the price point. Nothing here is more than $89. Not that tulip skirt; not that silky tunic; not even that striped maxidress. Best of all, you get your own private dressing room with flattering lighting. Who said you had to suffer for savings? 1231 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 90403. (310) 260-5527. —Sarah Fenske

LA Weekly