I threw my kid a birthday party for 20 bucks. And I got it all at the 99¢ Only Stores. What kid is not going to be thrilled to be given their own can of shaving cream and told to, “Knock yourself out!” And if that mess is not enough, what could be better then exploding sand volcanoes with baking soda, vinegar and food dye? Juice boxes, party decorations, candy and small toys for party favors can all be found in these aisles, and at these prices, who cares if your child wants to give every kid he invites not one, but three ring pops and fun dip and giant glow sticks. So your deck may end up smelling like a gay bathhouse, but it's soap, people, and it washes out of their eyes. (Oh, and they sell goggles there too, if you are really worried.) Citywide. 99only.com

—Elizabeth Bernheim

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