While the Gold Rush took place mainly in Northern California, Southern California had its share of claims, including the Dawn Mine north of Altadena. The Dawn Mine Hike along Sunset Ridge Trail is a beautiful trek through some of L.A.'s enduring wilderness. You'll cross a creek more than two-dozen times and boulder-hop for three miles while enjoying the sounds of nature and catching glimpses of salamanders playing in pools of water. You'll arrive at two iron beams projecting out of the canyon wall — Dawn Mine is to the left of the beams, hidden behind a small boulder. On the return hike, the true workout begins. To the right of the trail you'll notice a smaller trail cut into the mountainside. It provides an elevation gain of 6oo feet over 1 mile, and will put the burn in your glutes as well as your lungs. You'll arrive at Dawn Station, where you turn right and head down the paved road to your car. Sunset Ridge Trail Head, Altadena.

—Reuben E. Reynoso

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