The good news about a rather heated confrontation with your landlord is that it forces the obvious question: Why pay prime-beef rent prices for lower-quality choice cuts? It was one such escalating rent dilemma that forced Jennie Cook, formerly owner of the Culver City restaurant and catering company Cooks Double Dutch, to pack up her stainless pots and head east. The drop in rent for Cook's new Jennie Cooks Catering in Glassell Park is your pocketbook's gain. She's ditched the restaurant side of the biz for an all-catering outfit but does offer private dinners in the new space. Starting at $20 per person, Cook cooks (the singular version is her honest-to-gravy birth name) a sustainable dinner and sets the table, so all you have to do is bring the guests and the booze. For half the price, she'll deliver any of her “Ten for Ten” lunch menus replete with gooey white lasagna or smoky Hawaiian-style Kalua pork to your next meeting. She'll even hook you up with a vegan feast, if forgoing butter and cheese is your idea of a feast.

—Jenn Garbee

LA Weekly