It's hard to get a hand wash for your ride for less than $10 on the Westside these days. But on Wednesdays, or with a receipt coupon from the nearest Ralphs (the one in Culver Center), you can do just that at this circa 1957 spot. The Shine & Brite facility has been upgraded to use recycled water at a rate of 22 gallons per car. But this is no automated, wash-with-a-free-tank-of-gas job. Nope. Multiple workers will be assigned to your vehicle. It's like a football pile-on sometimes, starting with vacuuming and continuing with a thorough wipe-down from wheels to sunroof. Don't feel guilty: These guys are compensated — Shine & Brite has not been a target of labor-organized protests against underpaid washers in L.A. — and, of course, you'll tip well, right? 11166 Venice Blvd., Culver City, 90232. (310) 840-5880, —Dennis Romero

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