Many Angelenos are adding butter to their coffee — the saturated fat is supposed to assist with everything from mental clarity to weight loss. This year Erewhon Natural Foods Market, one of L.A.'s oldest organic grocery stores, was the first place in the nation to offer the Bulletproof brand of the drink. Erewhon blends Bulletproof coffee beans and MCT oil (concentrated palm and coconut oil) with Ancient Organics ghee instead of plain butter. Between such Bulletproof fan terms as “coffee upgrade” and “biohack,” ghee that is chanted over during a full moon, and the drink's popularity among models and actors, this beverage can sound like a joke about L.A. stereotypes. But the nutty, caramel flavor from the ghee is decadent, and the oily drink can extend your caffeine high and eliminate the crash. So if you dislike hype, just ignore the buzz — and enjoy the buzz. —Sara Rashkin

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