Muttropolitan is an owner-operated pet groomer, and while not the fanciest place around, its prices for the complete makeover really can't be beat: pad- and ear-trimming, wash, clipping, blow dry, basically the works, at the following rates: small dogs $45 and up; medium dogs $50; large dogs $55 and up; cats $70 (naturally). There's also a 25 percent discount for a multiple-wash card, and a DIY station, if your pooch is a fraidy cat and you'd rather not create a big mess in your kitchen sink. Head groomer Grace has a magic touch with nervous pets, and even the most jumbled of mixed breeds emerges looking like Best in Show winners. More importantly, they aren't traumatized! If you've taken a pet to an assembly-line groomer at a big chain store, you know the signs. Last-minute walk-ins are welcome if you can't stand the sound of claws on a wood floor one more minute. 408 E. Second St., L.A. (213) 626-8887,

—Kate Coe

LA Weekly