The question “Is it true blondes have more fun?” would never have been posed by a Clairol commercial in the 1960s if Kazumi Morton had been around. Because after trusting your brown or inky monotone tresses to her skilled hands, you'll go from dismal to dramatic with warm, subtly sun-kissed locks in less than an hour. The secret behind Morton's way with color is that she's “a color corrector.” That means she can repair your cheapie, bleached-out “machine highlights” and recondition your hair to minimize previous damage so you end up with a softly highlighted, balanced look that's in harmony with your skin tone, eye color and cut. Plus there will be no line of demarcation where the old color stops and the new color starts. Morton puts more lightness toward the ends, diffusing the color, so when it grows out, it looks completely natural. Kazumi Morton at Neil George Salon, 9320 Civic Center Drive, Beverly Hills; (310) 275-2808,

—Heidi Dvorak

LA Weekly