There is no feeling better than drinking a beer at the source of its creation, especially if it's an Eagle Rock Brewery beer being consumed at its Atwater-adjacent tasting room, one of the most comfortable places in town to cozy up for a pint of local brew. While most production brewery taprooms are roped-off sections of the brewhouse — which makes you feel like an intruder in someone's cavernous workspace — Eagle Rock's is an actual room built inside the brewery building and is more than just a space to sell bottles and growler fills. Not only does the intimate tasting room host festivals, educational sessions and monthly meet-up groups, but there are also books and board games and often a food truck parked outside, encouraging visitors to make themselves at home. Scope the hilarious painted portraits of each brewery employee, which hang on the wall as if above a mantel, and fulfill your voyeuristic desires with the floor-to-ceiling window that allows a pristine view of brewery operations. Oh yeah, the beers aren't too shabby, either. 3056 Roswell St., Glassell Park. (323) 257-7866, —Sarah Bennett

LA Weekly