Since opening in Glassell Park in early 2016, Division 3, a tiny, shacklike joint with a walk-up window and a shady back patio, has become a go-to neighborhood spot. For such a small space, D3 turns out a surprisingly diverse menu, including sandwiches, salads, pastries, hot links and something called “Jersey French toast ina'cup,” a gooey mass of syrup-soaked, toasted bread in a cardboard to-go container that you won't be able to stop eating, especially on a hungover Sunday morning. But the star attractions here are the biscuit sandwiches, which mix various meats and veggies with an over-medium egg and an addictive, Thousand Island dressing–like substance called “D3 special sauce,” all served on a homemade biscuit that's flaky but firm enough to hold together as it soaks up that runny egg yolk. The sandwiches come in five flavors, of which the standouts are the fennel-cured salmon, topped with crème fraîche, and the corned beef, as tender and peppery as any New York deli's. They're small enough that those with heartier appetites can spring for two, but even so, at a mere $5 a pop, they might be the best breakfast bargain in town.

LA Weekly