At first glance, Michael Olajide Jr. — with his silver metal eye patch, superhuman-strong wiry frame, tight red Spandex and sneakers with giant silver-and-black wings — looks more like a cyborg than a fitness coach. His new Aerospace La Brea studio, with sleek all-white walls and high ceilings, feels equally futuristic. But Olajide, who runs boxing-inspired exercise classes, is no man from our (maybe dystopian) future. He has been in the fitness and athlete world for decades — and his get-you-in-killer-shape classes are unstoppable. Olajide is a former champion pro boxer who conceived of Aerospace after he injured his eye in a boxing match and found himself having to shift his career. In the early 2000s, his Aerospace classes took off in New York City, attracting the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs, 50 Cent, Adriana Lima, Demi Moore and Mark Wahlberg. Now Olajide and his partner, former ballerina Leila Fazel, have brought their ab-defining high cardio, machine-free techniques to West Hollywood with energetic jump-roping, jabbing and bag-punching that's a hit among exercise-loving Angelenos. Whether you are a new boxer, seasoned athlete or supernaturally strong, Aerospace's sophisticated training methods make you feel ready to fight any doom the future may hold.

LA Weekly