If you harbor a secret lust for the Venice lifestyle (come on, admit it), you could indulge that desire by spending the afternoon dipping in and out of the bougie-breezy shops on Abbot Kinney — or you could make a beeline to the more tucked-away Flowerboy Project. What is Flowerboy, you might ask, to which we'd respond: How much time do you have? It almost takes more effort to explain this place than to experience it, but here's the short answer: It's a working studio, coffee shop, flower shop and boutique. Here's an even shorter answer: It's all things Venice, distilled to their very essence. Flowerboy is the creation of celebrated designer and longtime Venice resident Sean Knibb (whose firm is responsible for the California-modern aesthetic of the Line hotel and its Commissary restaurant), in partnership with the Arts District's multi-use space Alchemy Works. What does that mean? Well, the coffee you should order is of the rose or lavender latte variety. The artisanal towels and ceramics and tote bags and coasters and fragrances are arranged just so, on blond-wood shelves supported by steel sawhorses. The sandwiches are served on Clark Street Bread. The newspaper-swaddled bouquets are of the simple, tastefully effortless sort. Nothing is cheap, but everything feels as if it's worth what you're forking over. You'll want to occupy one of the shop's Eames-style chairs for longer than you should. You'll ask yourself if you ever really need to go home.

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