Candy to a kid can’t begin to describe what Mystery Pier Books is to a book lover. It’s a veritable phantasmagoria of treasures rivaled only by the charm and enthusiasm of the owners, father and son Harvey and Louis Jason, who love to show off the first editions, signed shooting scripts and incredible ephemera they have collected during their 12 years in business. Harry Potter to Henry Miller are represented here, along with such incredible finds as a first-edition, personally festooned, guess-how-high-he-was-when-he-decorated-it-with-glitter-and-feathers signed copy of Ken Kesey’s Kesey’s Garage Sale. The really fantastic thing about Mystery Pier Books, however, is the price range. Whether you’re the kind of book collector who can afford a $50,000 personal script of Charlie Chaplin’s, or you’re more interested in a $350 first edition of Truman Capote’s In True Blood, you will find something here to love. 8826 Sunset Blvd., W. Hlywd. (310) 657-5557, —Elizabeth Bernheim

LA Weekly